Friday, May 16, 2008

Why Concretre is Green

Three main factors of a green building material are sustainability, durability, and recycling.

A wide variety of concrete methods and products give you the techniques to create both beauty and function in ways that improve the impact of building on the environment. Sustainable development is about balancing human needs with the earth’s capacity to meet them. Concrete offers a wide range of capabilities to help achieve this balance.

Durability is the ability to last a long time without significant deterioration. A durable material helps the environment by conserving resources and reducing wastes and the environmental impacts of repair and replacement. Construction and demolition waste contribute to solid waste going to landfills. The production of new building materials depletes natural resources and can produce air and water pollution. In addition to its long service life concrete offers a low-maintenance surface, another good reason to consider reuse.

The constituents of concrete can be recycled materials, and concrete itself can also be recycled; these materials are usually available locally. Most concrete in urban areas is recycled as fill or road base and not placed in landfills. Concrete pieces from demolished structures can also be reused to protect shorelines.

At Concrete Central we are always mindful of these qualities concerning our creations. It’s important to us as a small business to keep our production as clean and green as possible making sure to recycle as much of our waste product as possible. For example much of our mold making materials can be reused, and then finally sent off to a recycle center to be made into yet another product. We feel that any successful business needs make these considerations in order to compete in todays market, and more importantly to help our earth be a more healthy environment.

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